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Advertising in Show Horse Today

Show Horse Today MagazineWe have several options for advertising in Show Horse Today, our digital publication that takes your ad right to your prospective customers and their inbox, tablet or smartphone, with each issue enjoying hundreds of thousands of page views and thousands of readers.  Ads can be fully interactive, with video and links to websites, email, and anywhere else you’d like readers to go, and readers can easily download the entire magazine or just your ad at any point as they’re reading!  To read the latest issue of Show Horse Today, click here:  Take me to Show Horse Today.

Advertising Options in Show Horse Today magazine:

  • Cover and Cover Story Package – Our top advertising package for each issue!  Includes the following:
  • Your image on our cover
  • A multi-page feature cover story
  • A professionally written, designed and edited showcase article
  • Embedded video on the page
  • Multiple photos, graphics and links
  • We will provide you with a copy of the article, as well as a cover image (created to look like it’s on an iPad
  • Premier Inside Cover Two-Page Spread  – Our 2nd most desired location of each issue, as it’s always just inside the cover on pp. 2-3.  Video and links are available.
  • Premier Table of Contents Two-Page Spread  – This two-page spread comes just after the table of contents in each issue and video and linking are available.
  • Premier Welcome One-Page Ad – This one-page ad is located next to the Welcome page of each issue, and video and links are available.
  • Premium Two-Page Spread – priority ad placement in first half of each issue, before Standard ads, with video and linking available
  • Premium One-Page Ad  – priority ad placement in first half of each issue, before Standard ads, with video and linking available
  • Standard Two-Page Spread  – placed after Premium ads in each issue
  • Standard One-Page Ad  – placed after Premium ads in each issue
  • Ad Packages  – Ad Packages are a great way to get significant discounts by buying multiple ads at one time.  This can be any combination of ads, you can pool your resources with others, and the ads never expire so you can use them whenever you’d like.  Based on the total quantity, we simply provide the appropriate discount to the total. 

    • 20 Ad Package – 30% discount off the total
    • 10 Ad Package – 20% discount off the total
    • 5 Ad Package –   10% discount off the total


If you would like pricing or have any questions or would like to discuss these or other options for advertising and working with us, please complete the form below and we’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to working with you!

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